Election 2012

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MiVote Road Show

There are 110 seats open in the state House of Representatives. The question every year is: Who are these people?

MIVOTE hopes to answer the question. The Center For Michigan, Detroit Public Television and the University of Michigan–Dearborn are joining forces with the League of Women Voters to help answer the question.

The entire state has been redistricted, which means some seats are open. Other seats have incumbent running against each other. It’s an entirely new ball game, and the job of finding out who is running for office —and why— becomes even more difficult.

The Road Show gives state Rep candidates an opportunity to appear on camera for up to five minutes. They’ll answer four basic questions:

  • What strategies should be pursued to grow Michigan’s economy?
  • What education strategies would you pursue to assure Michigan has a talented, globally-competitive work force?
  • What do you think is the state’s role when it comes to early childhood programs?
  • What strategies would you pursue to help the state’s urban areas?

We’ll interview at least 100 state Rep candidates, and post their videos online.

In addition, we’re providing information on each candidate running for state House.

Some of them are well known. Some are not. It’s an inspiring collection of people who care enough about the state to run for office–and do something constructive.