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Make Your Own Campaign Ad


Do you know how political campaign ads work? How they’re built? What they’re meant to tell you? Most political ads follow a rigid set of guidelines and fall into one of a few categories. We’ve put together a few samples for you to customize with your information and imagination. It’s fun, it’s fast, and you’ll […]

FRONTLINE: Big Sky, Big Money

FRONTLINE: Big Sky, Big Money October 30

In a special investigation in collaboration with Marketplace, FRONTLINE travels to the remote epicenter of the campaign finance debate for a tale of money, politics, and intrigue. How has the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision changed campaigns in America? Ask Montana, which has tried to challenge the ruling in court, is investigating alleged campaign abuses, and […]

FRONTLINE: Climate of Doubt

FRONTLINE: Climate of Doubt airing October 23

Coming Oct 23, FRONTLINE explores the massive shift inpublic opinion on climate change. Four years ago, climate change was hot. Politicians from both parties, pressed by an anxious public, seemed poised to act. But that was then. Today, public opinion about the climate issue has cooled, and politicians either ignore the issue or loudly proclaim […]

FRONTLINE: The Choice 2012

Frontline: The Choice 2012 Watch it On Demand

Watch it now On Demand at PBS.org It’s been called the starkest choice in years, between two men with sharply different backgrounds, views, and prescriptions for fixing the country’s problems. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to tell their own stories, but in The Choice 2012, FRONTLINE goes far beyond […]

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