Detroit Election Results 2013

Mike Duggan

Mike Duggan elected the next mayor of the city of Detroit. Check out all the results from yesterday’s election. The Free Press >> The Detroit News >> MLive >>

MiWeek: Detroit Mayoral Candidate Interviews

Mike Duggan and Benny Napoleon

This week on MiWeek, the panel devotes the entire show to interviewing Detroit’s mayoral candidates. What are the candidates’ plans for the City? How will they move past the pending bankruptcy? Tune in to learn more about these candidates and their policies. Tonight at 7:30 p.m. on WTVS-Detroit Public Television. Watch the interviews from MiWeek […]

Detroit City Council Debates 2013

MiVote Detroit City Council Debates 2013

In an effort to empower the citizens of Detroit in the City’s first Council by district election in nearly 100 years, MiVote has produced eight debates featuring all 18 candidates for City Council. With the City facing bankruptcy and a new process for electing City Council members, it is important that voters make an informed […]

Bridge: Mood of Detroit at a Glance: What city residents want from the next mayor?

Detroiter answer polls on election 2013

A new poll from Bridge Magazine Generally speaking, do you think things in Detroit are on the right track or would you say things in Detroit are on the wrong track? See the full poll and results >

Primary Election Results – August 7, 2013

Benny Napoleon and Mike Duggan

August’s primary results sets up what could be an epic mayoral race, one that could be one of the most hard-fought in 40 years. Mike Duggan is a product of the late Ed McNamara’s political machine, the same one that gave us Jennifer Granholm. He has a tough-guy image. And plenty of supporters say that’s […]

Detroit Election 2013

MiVote Roadshow Detroit Election 2013

In the wake of Detroit’s bankruptcy filing, the city’s August 6 primary election becomes more important than ever. MIVOTE is making a major effort to inform voters on the choices they face. We’re inviting all mayoral, City Council, Clerk and Police Commission candidates to talk about how they see the job of city government — […]

Election 2013 – Detroit Mayor

People Running for Mayor of Detroit Name Email Phone More Info Mike Duggan 313-324-8901 Learn More Benny Napoleon N/A (313) 584-0793 Learn More

Election 2013 – Detroit City Council

Candidates listed alphabetically by District. Don’t know your district? Find out here > Name Email Phone More Info District 1 Wanda Jan Hill (313) 837-2937 Learn More James Tate (313) 838-3522 Learn More District 2 Richard Bowers Jr. (313) 366-2324 Learn More George Cushingberry Jr. (313) 384-7420 Learn More District 3 […]

Election 2013 – Additional Detroit Races

Marcelus (313) 778-6282 Learn More Name Email Phone More Info City Clerk D.Etta Wilcoxson (313)633-4139 Learn More Janice M. Winfrey (313) 646-1975 Learn More Police Commissioner: 4th District Willie Bell (313) 885-2148 Henry L. Williams Jr. (313) 629-5053  Learn More Police Commissioner: 5th District Willie Burton (313) 826-2434 Jamie S. […]

Find Your Detroit District

Data Driven Detroit - Find Your Detroit Districts

Data Driven Detroit created a new interactive map to help you find your district in Detroit. Find Your District >