Why All Eyes May Be On Escanaba

This is another in a series about some of the heavily-contested state House seats. MARQUETTE — The 108th district, which includes counties in the Upper Peninsula (Delta, Dickinson, Menominee), has flipped back and forth into the Democratic and GOP columns. And it does so in dramatic fashion, although Republicans have enjoyed an edge here. For […]

Clues From The Northern Woods

This is the first in a series about some of the heavily-contested state House seats. MARQUETTE — If the Democrats hope to get control of the state House, the 110th district is one they’ve got to win. The district covers seven counties in the western Upper Peninsula—so far west that some of the district runs […]

Another Way of Saying: Do Your Homework Before You Vote.

  The League of Women Voters Oakland Area (LWVOA) has been pushing for increased voter engagement for decades. And it’s using the latest and best tools to further that end. Check out this student-produced YouTube video, radio annoucement and essay, which take the message to young people. 1st Place TV PSA   1st Place Radio […]

What Does $15 a Year Get You? How About A Better Art Museum?

The Detroit Institute of Arts is asking voters for a little help: A millage that would support the DIA for another decade. Voters in the tri-county area will have a chance to turn thumbs up (or down) on a millage that would bring in a total of $23 million annually from Wayne, Oakland and Macomb […]

McCotter Cuts and Runs

  The more one thinks about Congressman Thaddeus McCotter’s sudden resignation from office, the more outrageous the move becomes. You may recall that McCotter hung it up last Friday after a disastrous year in politics. His run for the presidency went up in flames. An apparently easy bid for re-election went embarrassingly, dramatically and maybe […]

The MIVOTE Road Show Is In Progress

  There are 110 seats open in the state House of Representatives. The question every year is: Who are these people. MIVOTE hopes to answer the question. The Center For Michigan, Detroit Public Television and the University of Michigan–Dearborn are joining forces with the League of Women Voters to help answer the question. The entire state […]

A New Ball Game In Michigan?

A new poll has President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican challenger Mitt Romney locked in a dead heat in Michigan. Read the Detroit Free Press story here. The story here involves independent voters, who may sway this November’s election. The president has slipped from a 48 percent-40 percent lead in January to a virtual draw […]

MIVOTE on Mackinac

MiVote Mackinac - Mackinac Policy Conference Live Broadcast May 29-31 Channel 56.2 and Webcast

Maybe you don’t have a ticket to this year’s 2012 Mackinac Policy Conference, at which some of the region’s movers and shakers talk about the area’s future. (Trust me, those ticket are expensive.) Or, maybe driving to Mackinac and taking the ferry over isn’t your idea of fun. We’ll have it all here on MIVOTE, […]

Tim Kiska: What Would Coleman Do?

Former Detroit Mayor Coleman A. Young faced a heavy budget deficit and the possibility of a Lansing takeover in the early 1980s. Here’s what he did to solve the situation: Read More:

The Michigan And Ohio Primaries By The Numbers

Mitt Romney is having a tough time sealing the deal outside of the big cities. Read More: