Detroit Mayoral Forum July 10, 2013

United Way of Southeaster Michigan - 2013 Detroit Mayoral Forum July 10, 2013The United Way for Southeastern Michigan hosted a forum with Detroit’s mayoral candidates on July 10, 2013 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. 
 WDET’s Craig Fahle moderated the discussion. 


  1. Who are all of the candidates who are speaking tonight? I tuned in late.


    Sue Marx

  2. My favorite candidate so far is Craig Fahle… oh, wait…

  3. Why was my comment removed? I am resubmitting.
    Comment was:I have always thought that the media was to be objective and unbiased. It appears to me, that the media wants to see Mike Duggan run for Mayor of Detroit at all cost. It also seems that the media is not interested in what is right. It seems very strange that a write-in candidate should be allowed to debate with legitimate candidates who followed the rules. When has this happened before where a write-in candidate was given this kind of recognition? It seems because the media thinks he would be a good Mayor or because it would make for interesting news, then the rules change.
    It is simply not fair that money and influence rules everything. Where does integrity come into play? It was ruled that Mr Duggan’s name could not be on the ballot. Then he is allowed to have all the rights and privileges of the candidates that did follow right process? What kind of message does this send to people? Some of us are losing all confidence in the system. The ends never justify the means.
    I really wish someone would tell me why this is okay.
    Very unsettling,

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